Friday, March 26, 2010

The Basics (Updated 4 June 2011)

Weathertop Consulting, LLC is the legal entity through which I write software both as a contractor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and for private companies.

For nearly six years the focus of my work has been on development of the Live Access Server (LAS) a Web-application software system for display and analysis of geo-science data sets. The software, which can be downloaded and installed by anyone, gives data providers an easy way to establish services for their on-line data holdings so their users can make plots, create and download sub-sets in a variety of formats, and compare and analyze data.

Weathertop Consulting, LLS also the umbrella under which I develop my own applications for Android smart phones (the first product developed without a partner is scheduled for beta release in May).  I did release it in May.  Well, not May exactly, but June.  And not 2010 exactly, but 2011.  The ASAP Apps for Android site has all the details.  The first product I did (iMap Weather™) was a top-50 winner in the Android Developer Challenge I.  You can search in on the Android Market by the phrase "iMap Weather".

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