Weathertop Consulting, LLC

Earth Science Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization


I support the science mission of the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

I have extensive experience in data visualization and interactive scientific graphics for the web, creating data services using ERDDAP and the THREDDS Data Server, and creating data which conforms to the Climate and Forecast metadata conventions.

The Saildrone Dashbord

From this dashboard you can make graphs of any data parameter that was sampled on any saildrone mission managed by PMEL. Most missions also allow you to download the data that make up your selected plot.

The OSMC Dashboard

This dashboard allows users to view and download data from the most current 45 days of ocean observations from the WMO Global Telecomications System.

OceanSITES Data Discovery

Scientists can use these dashboards to find which buoys sampled the radiation flux parameters of interest for a particular period of time and which sites have long timeseries of temperature and salinity measurements.

You can also download the data you find via the data discovery process.